The Great Pattaya Dental Clinic.

The Great Pattaya Dental Clinic.

Welcome to Dental Paragon - Pattaya Dental Clinic.

Welcome to Dental Paragon - Pattaya Dental Clinic. We offer complete varieties of customer satisfaction and dental treatments

We offer complete solutions for customers with dental problem. Furthermore, we do our work with gentle and heart which place our customer satisfaction the 1st priority. If  frightened of dentists, we are going to get you change thought about dentists. We will do our best to make you walk away dental office with

If you're frightened by the procedures of dentistry or ever been to a dentist that harms your feelings, we are going to get you change thought about dentists. We will do our best to make you walk away dental office with smile and confidence.

One of the best known -  Pattaya Dental Clinics is DENTAL PARAGON PATTAYA, situated on Pattaya Klang (Central Road) just 15 minutes walking distance from the Beach. 

Increasing quantities of women, but men too these days, want an attractive, natural-looking an entire restoration of their teeth or smile transformation due to their front teeth.

Dental Paragon specialized in cosmetic dental care and triumphed in treating patients in Pattaya.

Dental Paragon offers all kinds of dental works from merely dental cleaning to advanced dental surgeons like Dental Implants, Dental Makeovers, Dental Crowns & Bridges, Teeth whitening. We pride ourselves to be among the best Pattaya Dental Clinics.

We're committed to supplying you and your family by keeping ourselves updated with all the most recent technology.

Dental Paragon

Dental Paragon Pattaya

292/1-2 Pattaya Klang Road Soi 9 Banglamung, Cholburi Thailand 20150.

Telephone : 038-720919

Contact Email :

Open Daliy : 10.00 am. - 8.30 pm.

What is a Dental Tooth Implant
Pattaya City
  • Pattaya Beach is 4 kilometers long and faces Pattaya Bay, the major site from which boats visit Pattaya's offshore islands.
  • The beach is paralleled with a tree-lined promenade, resorts, and eateries.
  • The Northern section of the beach is largely tranquil.
  • The Central and Southern parts become increasingly dynamic, due to the shops, pubs, discotheques, and restaurants lining the roads.




Our dentists provide a world-class teeth whitening service, we are able to;

  • Supply discoloration - from Coffee, Cola, and Smoking stain
  • Advanced technology to recover the healthy and natural colour
  • Easy, Safe, and Effective tooth whitening technologies
  • Closely monitoring system
  • Professional services with high passionate and qualified dentist 


Dental Equipment



An aesthetically pleasing smile is important to practically everyone, and you ought to not be any exception.

  • Smiles is a universal form of communication whatever language you speak.
  • Make your smile beautiful and great again!
  • Feeling great about yourself again!
  • Establish deals with confident and high self-esteem!
  • Great smile identifies type of personality you might have.



INVISALIGN, or ”invisible braces”

 - Revolutionizing the way people straighten their teeth.

  • Clear moulds are employed instead of wires that were awful and consequences are accentuated during times that were record breaking!
  • Both these folks in the picture are straightening their teeth, one with Invisalign and one with wires that are traditional.
  • A succession of molds are used which are employed to gently straighten out of line teeth over a period of time that was set as diagnosed by our Orthodontic specialist.